At Zenuty, we believe that great design and art can make people happy. We believe that quality products and great customer support are the only options. And we believe that, whether for a child or an adult, every Tattly should come with a smile.

Our story

Tired of putting poorly designed temporary tattoos on her daughter’s arm, Zenu took matters into her own hands. After soliciting a dozen renowned artists and designers, hiring the first two team members, and learning what a temporary tattoo was actually made of, Tattly was born.

In July of 2010, Zenuty launched online, featuring an all-star lineup of professional designers and illustrators. Starting with just a handful of designs, Zenuty received thousands of orders from around the world.

Our Product

Designed by professional artists who get a cut of every sale.
Safe and non-toxic, printed with vegetable-based ink.
FDA-compliant and fun for all ages